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About Us

Racket Pets was created by Maria Wiebers, a mom of four who has a huge love for tennis.  Over the years she has purchased countless dampeners and over grips, and noticed that players really enjoy dampener and overgrip designs that personalize their rackets.  Although there are many designs of both items on the market, Racket Pets is revolutionary in being the first dampener and overgrip set that brings a tennis racket to life by turning it into an adorable Racket Pet!

Racket Pet dampeners have a distinctive look in the animal's facial expressions to evoke a sense of joy and enthusiasm, while the matching overgrip is patterned after the body of the animal.  By turning a tennis racket into a Racket Pet, the ultimate goal is to add another component of FUN to the tennis game and get more kids onto the courts.

Your feedback is always welcome and if there is an animal you would like to see as a Racket Pet, we welcome your input. 

Maria Maddock 

(480) 766-6797

Creator of Racket Pets Inc.